Feature Request Tracking

Tool to keep organized and drive your product forward

Centralize all your feature requests

A dedicated portal for users to share and discuss new and upcoming product features. Easily collect feedback on-behalf of your users arriving from other channels.

Prioritize features

Give customers a voice to tell you the importance of a particular feature.

Idea validation

Get a sense of how successful a feature will be prior to any development work.

Recruit Beta users

Easily find users that are willing to test out your upcoming feature before you roll it out.

Just talk

Discuss the ins and outs of any topic directly with your customers. They will appreciate interacting with a human behind the product.

Close the loop with customers

The important part of collecting feedback is responding back to your customer ideas.

Keep users engaged

An update to customer's feedback shows good customer relations and may even bring back churned customers.

Visualize with a Roadmap

High-level overview of the features currently in your pipeline for users to get an idea of what is going on.

Internal feedback

Collect feedback from a closed-group of people within your organization or customer-base

Feature Crowdfunding

Bring in your own tools and connect with ClearFlask