Become a customer-centric organization with transparent customer-driven product development.

Keep your stakeholders informed

Transparency between development and your stakeholders is an important part of your success.

Product roadmap

Public or stakeholder-only roadmap to keep everyone up to date on the high-level progress.
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Respond to suggestions

Directly respond to customers regarding their requests and keep them updated with the current status quo

Status updates

Let waiting customers know your feature is ready.

Create trust in your community

Embrace a transparent culture

Customers are loyal to brands they trust and understand.

Get involved

Embrace community discussions with threaded comments, rich editor, and a powerful search to find the right discussion

Understand potential and churned customers

Receive feedback from potential customers to steer your product towards the market gap and understand the reasons why your customers are leaving.


Match your workflow and style. Customize our platform to your liking.
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