Analyze feedback effectively

Organize all the data you collected to make the right decision

Manage incoming feedback

Quickly address incoming feedback in your Feedback Dashboard page.
Convert to task
Quickly respond
Merge duplicates
Shelve it for later

Prioritize your roadmap

Plan out your tasks in your Roadmap Dashboard page.
Drag & drop Kanban style
Customize status workflow
Automatically notify subscribers of updates

Match your product Workflow

Customize states, transitions, and behavior of each content type to match your workflow. Each state can also alter different behavior and accessibility.


Organize content into defined set of tags. Create tag groups and define rules how tags can be used.

Export and analyze externally

Export your data and feed it into your own analytics engine for insights.

Idea Validation

Get a sense of how successful a feature will be prior to any development work

Market audience at your fingertips

Reach out to customers that are directly interested in your particular idea.

Recruit BETA users

Partially roll-out your feature to customers that you know will use it and provide you feedback.

Gauge customer reactions

Analyze feedback to shape your idea for success.

Get started

Try out all the features during your trial period.

Keep everyone informed

Take action on what your users are telling you.