Scale with us

Built on scalable infrastructure to grow with your needs.

Reliability and scalability

Our automated systems are continuously monitoring the health to scale up resources as needed or to notify our engineers of an issue.


Our engineers are on-call 24/7 to resolve any elevated issues brought up by our automatic monitoring.


All of our server infrastructure is auto-scaled to meet your traffic demand.


Data is stored on a NoSQL Dynamo database and distributed Object Storage S3 that allows us to scale with ease.


All of our data is continuously backed up in case of an incident to protect your data.


Bringing together the right tools for the best User Experience

Content Delivery Network

ClearFlask is hosted by CloudFront: a large network of globally distributed PoPs that deliver low-latency performance and high-availability.

Search engine

We use ElasticSearch: a powerful search engine to provide you relevant results within large datasets.

Client-side Framework

Once you load our page, we use React to deliver a responsive interface to your users with a Material design that is pleasing to use.

Server-Side Rendering

Web pages are pre-rendered server-side to minimize the first page load on the client and improve SEO.

Security and Privacy

Both Security and Privacy is critically important to us. We are thoughtful about the personal information we ask you to provide and we are building our systems with security in mind.


All pages are only accessible over encrypted channels. If you use a custom domain, we automatically generate a certificate for you via LetsEncrypt.


Our backend system is monitoring unusual behavior and will issue Anti-Spam measures. Our team has past experience working on Anti-spam at a popular messenger.

Billing system

For reliable billing, we use KillBill to handle managing your final invoice and processing your payments.