Listen to your users during product development

Feedback Management Tool with voting or crowd-funding to prioritize your roadmap

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Collect feedback
Ask your customer to influence your product decisions.
Seamless integration with your product
Customer segmentation and Analytics
Give a proportionate voice
Prioritize your roadmap based on customer's value
User vote
Credit System
Engage your customer
Build a community around your product development
Show off your Product Roadmap
Directly respond to your customers

Ask your customers what they need

Collect customer feedback from all your support channels seamlessly into one scalable funnel. Drive your product forward with customers in mind.

Capture feedback publicly, internally, or on-behalf

Enable feedback from your internal teams or make it publicly accessible. Capture feedback directly from your audience or on-behalf from other channels.

Customer segmentation and Analytics

Analyze your data with search, segment and filter to summarize feedback from target customers.

Integrate with your product

Provide your sales, support, engineering team an opportunity to voice their suggestions. Capture feedback from other channels and record it on-behalf of users.

Give your most-valuable customers a proportionate voice

Assign voting power based on customer value and let them prioritize your suggestion box. Your users will love knowing their voice has been heard.

Keep it simple with voting

Most common and simplest to understand by users. Customer value and segmentation can be applied behind the scenes.

Expressions for a wider range of feedback

When you cannnot accurately express your feelings with simple upvotes, weighted emoji expressions are here to help.

Credit system for advanced prioritization

Distribute credits to your users based on their value as a customer or monetary contribution. Let them fine-tune prioritization on their own.

Payment provider  
Stripe, Apple Store, Play Store
Donation Framework  
Patreon, OpenCollective
Custom source
Integrate via our API

Give credits based on customer value

Decide which customers deserve your attention. Typically credits are issued based on monetary contribution and can be automatically issued with our API.

Build a community around your product

Whether you are starting out or have a product on the market, keep your users updated at every step. Let them be involved in your decision making and shape your product.

Respond to suggestions

Directly respond to customers regarding their requests and keep them updated with the current status quo

Activate users

Bring your users back when their wishes have been fulfilled

Get involved

Embrace community discussions with threaded comments, rich editor, and a powerful search to find the right discussion

Show off your progress with a product roadmap

Customizable roadmaps lets you organize your process. Get your users excited about upcoming improvements.

Make it your own

Our product is based on customizability to fit your specific needs. We are happy to meet your needs if a specific use case is not yet covered.

Define Custom content

Define a content type to hold a particular set of data. Each type can have different behavior and accessibility by users and moderators.
User feedback
Blog entry
Question & Answer
Knowledge Base article

Match your product Workflow

Customize states, transitions, and behavior of each content type to match your workflow. Each state can have different behavior and accessibility by users and moderators.

Customize each page

Create custom pages and menus to fit the content your product needs. Use our page editor or inject your own HTML using Liquid template engine.


Only pay for users that actively provide value.




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Credit System
Free trial up to 10 users.
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Free trial up to 10 users.
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Typically about 2% of your monthly unique visitors will provide feedback every month

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What are Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

Monthly Active User (MAU) is any user that has provided you feedback in the past month by either submitting a post, commenting or voting.

Typically only about 2% of your monthly unique users will provide you feedback every month. The main influencing factor is how tightly you integrate ClearFlask with your product.

How do you compare MAU with "tracked users"?

Our competitors are charging based on "tracked users" which are users that have posted, commented or voted at least once in the past.

Over time, you will accumulate and continue to pay for tracked users that are no longer providing you with feedback. With us, you only pay for users active in the past month.

How long is the Trial period?

Trial period ends when you reach 10 MAU. To continue using our service, you will be asked to provide a payment option if you haven't already.

Every customer is different

Talk to our sales for a demo walkthrough and to determine how our solution can be customized for your needs.
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