Listen to your users during product development

Feedback Management Tool to prioritize your roadmap

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Here’s how our platform can help you understand your customers

Ask for feedback

Collect your customer feedback and new ideas in one bucket
Submit suggestions
Vote for your favorite idea
Discuss feature details
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Analyze ideas

Find the most wanted features by the most important customers.
Explore feedback
Validate new ideas
Reach out for clarification
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Take action

Become a customer-centric organization with transparent customer-driven product development.
Show off your Product Roadmap
Keep stakeholders informed
Engage your community
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Idea Management

Collect and organize ideas from your users, customers or coworkers
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Feature Crowdfunding

Credit-system to reward your paying customers with a voice to shape your product.
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Product Roadmap

Transparency between development and customers for stronger ties with your community.
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Every customer is different

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