Idea Management

Collect and organize ideas from your users, customers or coworkers

Embrace transparency

Allow your contributors to see each others' ideas and discuss in an open forum. Let them see what you're working on and see your prioritized backlog.
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Keep all ideas in one place

Keep forgetting what people asked you in-person or over email? Combine all your feedback channels into a single place to keep tidy and organized.

Vote or submit an idea on behalf

Received an idea from a customer? Quickly create an account for them and vote/create the idea on behalf of them. They will be automatically notified when the idea is resolved.

Organize ideas into buckets

With custom tags, organize ideas and assign to different teammates. You can also allow users to directly select the relevant tags themselves.

Give your ideas a life cycle

Define custom stages for your ideas and transitions between them.

Make it your own

our tool can be customized to your needs whether you are collecting students' opinions, employee suggestion box, or product feedback.
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Take action based on what you have learnt.
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