How you can connect ClearFlask with your website or app

Integration points


Link directly from your app or website to your ClearFlask portal. Optionally use a custom domain


Embed within your website using IFrames either entire ClearFlask portal or individual pages.

Embed Status

Create a direct link to a particular idea or feature. Useful if you want to raise awareness of future functionality.

Custom domains

User onboarding

Introduce least amount of friction by choosing the right sign-up options for your product.

Link accounts

Link accounts with your existing service using Single Sign-On, OAuth, or email domain whitelist. SSO creates an ideal seamless experience with no additional login steps.

Sign in with ...

Use any OAuth provider to auto-create an account for your users. Ideal if your users are coming in from specific services or to simply ease sign-up friction.

Email sign-up

Let your users sign-up with an email. Optionally require email verification, passwordless login, or password required.

Browser Notifications

To ease friction with users providing an email, allow your users to sign-up by allowing Browser Web Push Notifications. This allows you to engage your users wiht little friction. Non-supporting browsers can fall-back to Guest access.

Guest accounts

Ideal in some use cases, allows your users to sign-up without providing any contact information. Use as a last resort as it attracts spam and leaves you with no engagement opportunity.
Payment processor  
Stripe, Apple Store, Play Store
Donation Framework  
Patreon, OpenCollective
Custom source
Integrate via API, Zapier

Issue credits automatically

If you are using the Credit System, issue credits to your users automatically with your platform when they make a purchase or complete any action.
See Feature Crowdfunding 

Scale with us

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